Combat level

Combat level
Combat level

Combat level is the main parameter characterizing your character in the game. Its value is calculated by the main parameters of the character – strength, dexterity, intelligence, intuition. The level of the weapons and armour you may use depends on the value of this parameter. In accordance with the combat level you are given the rank – starting with civilian and ending with general, marshal and emperor.

By the way…
You can not fight with other players until the value of your combat level reach 10 that corresponds to the rank «Recruit». But after this do not hurry to rush to the combat – your chances to win will be small until you reach at least the rank of a Sergeant or a Lieutenant. Besides you will need solid armour and forceful weapons.

Combat Level
1-9 Civilian
10-19 Recruit
20-29 Soldier
30-39 Sergeant
40-49 Lieutenant
50-59 Captain
60-69 Major
70-79 Colonel
80-89 General
90-99 Marshal
100 Emperor

How to define the combat level of a player?
Combat level of a player title=
Combat level of a player

By the combat level you can define how strong rivals are other players. Besides, monsters have their combat levels as well. You can find out the rank of another player by clicking on him with right button of the mouse. You can not find out the exact combat level of a player. Note that two players having the equal ranks but different combat levels can significantly differ in strength.

The combat level of monsters on the contrary isn’t a secret. You can see it having clicked the right button on the monster.