Killer status. Reputation

Player Killer status

By attacking another player you get the status of Player Killer or PK. A yellow triangle will appear above the head of your character and your reputation will become worse.

Possible meaning of reputation

0 Neutral
1 Mugger
2 Dangerous
3 Criminal
4 Bandit
5 Murderer
6 Gangster
7 Terrorist

The more you attack (even without success) the more red tint gets this triangle and the worse reputation you will get. In such a way one can distinguish the most blood-thirsty killers. Though in game no sanctions applied to the killers but your reputation in the playing society can become worse.

How to restore the reputation?
The mark of a killer disappears if you undergo the attack of other players or monsters. The more health you lose at that the quicker you restore your status.