Advice for the beginners

Keeping the following simple recommendations, you’ll quickly find your place in the game and improve your welfare.

  • Study the demand. Sell only those goods that are mostly demanded among the players. There are some examples: feathers (use to make arrows), coal and coke (required for metal smelting). The demand on these goods is constant and high.
  • Even the simplest and cheap goods can be sold with a profit. Many experienced players, in order not to loose time on visit of shop, would purchase from you the items they need, without bargaining.
  • Sell the goods only there, where they are required. Thus, high-calorie food (used to restore health) is mostly demanded in combat zones, where the most intensive battles take place.
  • Choose your specialization. If you reach success in one or a few professional skills, you won’t have problems with income. To learn about how to choose the specialization read the passage «Professional skills».
  • There is no sense to produce a lot of cheap and simple things, just because, it is easy to do. Most probably you’ll not succeed in selling them both to the players and store-merchants. Take into account: merchant won’t buy goods, if he already has an enough amount of the same merchandise.
  • To avoid unfortunate losses, keep your merchandise in a bank. Otherwise, you may loose, if you get killed.
  • Trade only with those players that enjoy your confidence. Always check up potential partners, try to learn more about them. Remember: a malefactor may create a «clear» character to gain your confidence.