Trade and commerce

How to earn in AWplanet world? The beginners and experienced players face this question equally. A large fortune allows to buy the most powerful weapons, to get access to the most valuable resources, to gain independence in game community… In this passage we will examine basic principles of earnings and trade relations in the game. But remember: not only your fortune but also character development has an importance; possessing a low combat level and poorly developed professional skills, you simply won’t be able to dispose of money.

At first, let us examine the ways you can get money or material resources.

Recovery of natural resources
This way permits to get a practically hundred-per-cent income, that’s why it is favorite for the beginners. You may recover the most different natural resources:

  • Floral riches – wood, fruits, flax, wheat, etc.
  • Riches of fauna – fish, fowl, wild animals. The resources are meat, leather, feathers for arrows.
  • Minerals – metal ores, crystals, gems.

To recover such resources mostly special tools (e.g. pick for mining or weapon for deer-hunting) are required. The obtained resources can be sold (though they are cheap), or can be used in item-production.

Wild and unmastered AWplanet world is inhabited by the hordes of different monsters. Hunting on them you’ll get only spiritual but also a material reward. Slaying a monster you obtain trophies (players call them «loot»). Depending on the kind of monster money, jewellery, weapons, armors, clothes and many other things can be obtained.

This is the longest but the most perspective way of earnings. Choose your specialization and purposefully develop one or several professional skills of a cook or of a craftsman («Creation and treatment of items» skill), of a metallurgist or of a blacksmith. Using rather cheap resources you can produce goods, the price of which would be on tenfold higher than cost of raw material.

You may also undertake a part of complicated production chain only. For instance, choose metallurgist’s specialization, you will be engaged in ore smelting only and all the raw materials would be provided by other players. The obtained metal bars you’ll hand over to blacksmiths who would create weapons and armors.

You can buy or sell different things in AWplanet stores. There you can sell off raw materials and created items, though purchasing prices in the stores are extremely low. You can commerce with other players. Under such trade relations you may use money or just exchange items.

Service rendering
Becoming a professional in your field – warrior, blacksmith, cook – you can offer clans or players your services, gaining a reward at this.

Thief occupation
With the help of «Picking of automatic locks» you may unseal boxes and chests in houses of NPCs. Pay attention, that you can’t steal property of other players.