Character development

Which path will you follow in the world of AWplanet? It depends on the way you choose – rough warrior or peaceful craftsman, treasure seeker or vagrant hermit. On the way to the top you have to do a lot and to learn a lot – different handicrafts, fighting art, money earning, interaction with other players.

All the issues concerning the life and development of your character are covered in detail in this section. Read it if you wish to study this or that subject thoroughly. But if you don’t want to lose your time, turn to section «First steps» – there you will find only the most important information you need for the game.


Combat level and reputation
Good and bad actions both would bring you the corresponding fame in the game community. But each character has a row of parameters which show the level of his achievements and reputation.

Character parameters
Your character advances together with you. As in the other role games, a character has a row of parameters which correspond to different physical, intellectual and spiritual characteristics of a person.

Professional skills
Your character can become a warrior or a craftsman, a merchant or a prospector. You’ll have to develop different abilities and professional skills according to the path you choose.


Longing to test your spirit and might of muscles? Fight and prove your toughness to the bleak and cruel world of AWplanet.

Merchants, guards, representatives of authority, farmer, all of them would help you to feel at home in AWplanet. Some of them are in utter need of your help.

Trade and commerce
How to earn in AWplanet world? This question puzzles both: the beginners and the experienced players.

Health restoration. Death in the game
The current state of your character is determined by the row of parameters. Health, fatigue and force energy are of the most importance. The character’s life often depends upon these parameters.