Longing to test your spirit and might of muscles? Fight and prove your toughness to the bleak and cruel world of AWplanet. Success in battles depends upon nearly each parameter of your character, therefore combat is the fairest test of your progress in the game.

The AWplanet world offers all kinds of opportunities to bring about your fighting potential. There are wide selection of weapons, the most various armour and choice of different fighting styles. But if you are the beginner – nothing threatens you: free battles are permitted in special combat zones only.

Let us examine which characters need to polish up the martial art most of all.

Professional warriors
Being a warrior you find yourself at the crossroads. Choosing the way of light you’ll defend the weaker players and fight with those warriors who are equal to you. But if you’ll be tempted by a dark way, you may sink to the level of robber and killer and become the real menace of AWplanet world.

Geologists and prospectors
The most valuable resources (metals and jewels) mostly are found far from the settlements – in deserted corners of planet. Monsters and other players may attack you there. That’s why each geologist or prospector should possess some basic fighting skills. Victory isn’t so important for such players they should rather withstand hostile attack and manage to retreat to a safe place.

Concluding a large bargain you run risks to fall a swindler’s prey or to undergo the attack before the meeting with business associate. To preserve the possible losses learn to withstand the hostile attack. Remember that for you to take vengeance on your attacker is of less importance; much more important is to survive and save your property fleeing to asylum.

Meat is required to prepare the most nutritious food; and if a cook doesn’t have an opportunity to buy ingredients for his dishes, he or she will have to develop the skills of hunting and fishing and there are used the same abilities as in fighting.

Deer leathers are used in making of leather armour. Since deers aren’t the easiest prey, you’ll need rather effective weapon and armour for the case if the enraged animal would attack you.