Player vs player


Battles between players constitute an inalienable part of the game. And even if you have chosen peaceful profession, try to protect yourself from possible attacks.

Face to face combats

This is the best way to sort out some relationship and define whose character achieved higher mark. Often such combats are practiced between old resident players on a mutual agreement; at this, peculiar duel etiquette forbids to exit the game during the combat. Group tournaments between professional warriors are held in the game from time to time.

Robbery attacks

Combat without honor or mercy… Some players, choosing robbery as an occupation, always are on the search of weaker victim to put her to death and take away the trophies. Such player may even feign an innocent beginner without weapon and armors to lure a player into a snare. If a robber is far stronger than you, flight, certainly, isn’t a shabby act.

Team combats

Team battles with especially strong monsters are quite an effective kind of training. At this, stronger players “hold the defence”, allowing the beginners to strike and gain experience points. Besides, in the AWplanet world both small squabbles and large-scale wars between groups of players or clans flare up from to time.

How to encounter a worthy opponent?

How to learn the opponent’s power? You can make some first estimations by looking at other player’s rank. Admittedly, this way you may learn a combat rank only, as a sergeant may have a 30 level as well as 39, so he may possess different combat power. Some players even try to remain at the top limit of their rank to trick their opponents.

Always take note of player’s armors and weapon as they indicate the damage you may get and level of opponent’s defence. Mind that, someone feigning a harmless beginner may provoke you to start fighting and then would immediately put on his armors and kill you by a powerful weapon.

That’s why the main instrument of a warrior is combat experience. Over some time you’ll easily define the real combat power of opponent by his appearance and behaviour.

Combats with other players and reputation

Attacking other player you gain status of killer (PK). Then a yellow triangle would appear over the head of your character and your reputation would decrease. The more attacks (even unsuccessful) you commit, the more red tint the yellow triangle would acquire and the inferior your reputation would become. To learn more read the passage «Combat level and reputation»


After killing a player, you can seize his property. Take into account that more nimble players may surpass you and intercept the most attractive trophies.