Professional skills catalogue

Now we are working at creation of the comprehensive professional skills guidelines, and now, please, find only brief descriptions. More detailed information of one or another skill you can find at the fan site

Hunting and Herbalism
  • Cooking
    Preparing food
  • Fishing
    Occupation of a fisherman
  • Herbalism
    Collecting wheat, fruit, mushrooms, flax, etc.; making drinks and drugs
Thief and Spy
Technical skills
Scientific skills
  • Physics
    Defining the composition of unknown ores
  • Chemistry
    Making chemical substances
  • Biology
    Preparing poisons and other drugs
Combat skills

The world of AWplanet has high esteem of a cook. He/she can prepare various food – fried meat, bread, cheburek and kebab. After a snack you can quickly restore the health level, that is why food is essential first of all for warriors and travellers, and a lot of clans invite a professional cook.

Food is prepared in a microwave oven or on fire. Cooking can be very easy (to fry a chicken in a microwave oven) or it can consist of some stages (to grind flour, prepare dough, make filling and fry – you will get a cheburek).

To get ingredients for cooking, you need to hunt animals, fish or collect fruit and wheat, so besides cooking skill you should develop the following skills:

There are some examples of meals you can prepare:

NameLevel requiredHealth increase
Fried chicken 1 1
Trout 5 4
Bread 12 10
Cheburek 40 24
Kebab 50 32

In different places of the world of AWplanet you can fish shrimps, trout, salmons, pikes and many other kinds of water inhabitants. To become a fisherman, buy a net, harpoon or trap. You can recognize fishing places by fish splashing in water.

Fish can be used for making different meals. If you want to cook yourself, use «Cooking» skill while fishing, at the same time, you are developing the character’s dexterity.

Some examples of sea animals you can catch:

NameLevel required
Shrimps 1
Trout 5
Salmon 10
Crab 40
Tune 50

This skill gives you the opportunity to use the rich flora of AWplanet – wild plants and fruit as well as cultivated crops – wheat and flax. The tools required for herbalism are garden shears, a knife and sickle.

Cooks use fruit, mushrooms and wheat for cooking. A tailor needs flax for making threads, fabric and clothing. Different roots and leaves are for making healing drugs. Depending on what specialization you have chosen, develop also one of the following skills:

Here are some examples of healing drugs and drinks you can prepare:

NameLevel requiredHealing
Juice higrim 1 Health +2
Force energy +2
Drug arans 30 Health +2
Force energy +2
Stamina +5
Strength -1

The skill will allow you to cut trees and make logs (you can make a fire from them to cook food) and sticks (one of the components for making arrows). You need an axe for the work.

Woodwork skill is auxiliary towards to the following skills:

It is one of the most essential occupations in the game. Geologists extract crystals and ores of different metals – tin, lead, copper, iron, etc. To exploit ore fields you will need a pick, for crystal recovery you will need a hammer. To define the composition of ores unclear for unaided eye you should learn to work with a spectrograph (skill «Physics»).

Ores make a part of the technological chain that includes metal smelting, alloying and making metal items. Next step after the ore extraction is its smelting in a blast furnace and getting metal bars. For ore smelting you should develop «Metallurgy» skill. Polishing up the geology skill, at the same time, you are developing the character’s strength.

Here are some examples of ores and crystals you can extract:

NameLevel required
Tin ore 1
Iron ore 20
Coal 25
Gold ore 50
Uranium ore 90
Uranium ore 75

Metallurgists smelt metal ores extracted by geologists in a blast furnace and get metal bars. It is one of the most essential occupations in the world of AWplanet along with geology and blacksmithing.

Blacksmiths use metal bars made by metallurgists for creating armour and weapons. If you want to make items yourself, develop the «Blacksmithing» skill.

Metallurgy skill is applied coupled with «Alloying» skill. In this case a metallurgist smelts mixtures of different ores in a furnace and gets alloys.

Here are some examples of metals to be made:

NameLevel required
Tin 1
Iron 20
Coke (used for iron smelting) 25
Gold 50

Alloying, composing
This skill makes it possible to get alloys of different metals. It is applied in conjunction with Metallurgy skill. At that a metallurgist smelts mixtures of different ores in the furnace and obtains metal alloys.

Alloys – from bronze and bronzaly till dianit, rhonite and gaftit – are used for making the game strongest armour and most powerful weapons. If you wand to make these items yourself, develop the «Blacksmithing» skill.

Here are some examples of alloys you can obtain:

NameComponentsMetallurgy level requiredAlloying level required
Alloying level required Copper and tin ores 10 1
Froanit Tungsten and titanic ores, coke 80 50
Rhonite Rhonite ore, gaftit ore, columbite 95 85

Blacksmiths make armour and weapons from different materials – metals and their alloys, plastic, kevlar and aerogel. Forming presses are used for this. They have software so for forging different items you should buy floppy disks with the corresponding programs.

Metal and alloys bars are made by metallurgists, kevlar is produced by tailors, and plastic and aerogel are obtained by warriors as trophy in combats with droids.

Though you can buy a lot of items in a shop, the strongest armour and most powerful weapon can be only manufactured. That is why blacksmiths are in such demand especially in military clans.

Here are some examples of weapons and armour the blacksmith can make:

NameLevel requiredCharacteristics
Bronze dagger 1  
Plastic breast armour 21 Protection
cutting 9
impaling 9
deafening 9
drugs and chemicals 13
Froanit helmet 70 Protection
Protection 10
impaling 10
deafening 10
high temperatures 15
Dianit sword 84 Maximal damage 19

The following works can be done with the help of this occupation:

  • Making different small items, such as arrows, tubes and lenses
  • Placing lenses in helmets to increase the character’s accuracy
  • Dyeing clothes
  • Making dianit dust for producing dianit
  • Restoring the durability of used weapons
  • Increasing the edged weapons’ strength by means of diamond covering

In the work there is used different equipment – arrow-heads moulds, a laser beam machine, a diamond spraying gun. To make lenses and covering, you need jewels – diamond, ruby, tourmaline. If you want to quarry them yourself, develop the geology skill.

High Technologies
The appearance of this occupation is connected with one of the mysteries of AWplanet. To their astonishment the first settlers soon noticed that there were implants of unknown origin in bodies of many animals. Where they come from it is still a mystery but by a fluke they managed to find a practical application of these items. Connecting them in certain orders you can create the so called modifiers, which increase the character’s different parameters for a while.

The components used for creating modifiers have different code names, such as engeck, sufal, alcat, strek, dexat, etc. To create any modifiers you need to take one or several components of engeck type and two other components. Trying to connect components in different ways you can achieve different effects.

To activate an effect of a modifier, you need to use it. Effect of simultaneous application of several modifiers does not sum up. Please, pay attention to the fact that in order to produce modifiers your inteligence level should be at least 40.

Some modifiers examples:

NameIngredientsUtilization effectLevel required
Modifier 1

Engeck, streck, sufal

Strength +1 1
Modifier 12

3 components of engeck, strek, coned type

Strength +3
Geology +1
Metallurgy +1

Tailors make up different clothes and leather armour. They also make kevlar, from which the blacksmith can produce kevlar armour. A sewing machine is required for the tailor.

As raw material serve flax (from it threads are manufactured and from threads – a linen) and deer leather. Besides for making up a certain piece of clothes the tailor should have the corresponding pattern. To make a kevlar bar a bucket of raw rubber is to be mixed with a cobweb.

To make up clothes your intellect level is to be at least 15. You can develop the intelligence level by reading books or being engaged in one of rather complicated occupations (the skill concerned also belongs to them).

Examples of clothes and armour the tailor can make up:

NameTailoring level requiredIntelligence level required
Thread 1 1
Shirt 10 15
Leather breast armour 40 15
Kevlar 50 15

Lock picking
Do you want to check to what extent a thief occupation is profitable? Then find a forcer and you can break closed boxes with it. Depending on your luck among your booty can be money and jewels – rubies, diamonds, gold, platinum, etc.

There are only few electronic devices left in the world of AWplanet. The only operating devices – combat droids – unfortunately turned over against their creators. If you have a special set of tools, when you have killed a droid, you can dig in its inside and extract one of the components. For the time being in the game is only one such component – the electronic lens, which can be placed in the combat helmet to increase a character’s accuracy. To develop the electronics skill your intelligence level is to be at least 30. You can increase the electronics skill by reading specialized books.

This skill is necessary to learn to use a spectrograph, which is applied to define the compositions of ores unclear for unaided eye. Sometimes in this way really rare metals (for example, tantalum, beryllium, tungsten) and jewels (sapphires, diamonds) can be obtained. This skill is additional for geology.

For the time being there is only one application of the chemistry skill in the game. It is producing raw rubber, from which tailors make kevlar bars. To obtain rubber sulfur is to be mixed in a bucket of juice. Your intelligence level should be at least 15. You can increase chemistry skill by reading specialized books.

With the help of the skill you can extract poison from scorpions’ bodies. Tools of the biologist are scalpel, syringe and tubes. For biology you should develop your intelligence level. You can increase the biology skill by reading specialized books.

Combat skill
The game AWplanet has the most various types of weapon: from lances and medieval arbalests to submachine guns and laser pistols. Each weapon category is in line with the corresponding combat skill. There are the following weapon categories (and combat skills):

Piercing Weapons Poles, lances, halberds
Fencing Weapons Swords, daggers, sabres
Heavy Weapons Hammers, clubs, bats
Punching Without weapons
Medieval Weapons Combat bows
Auto Weapons Submachine guns and pistols

By developing one or another skill you will have the opportunity to use more powerful instruments of attack. The «Accuracy» parameter of your character also depends on the combat level. To drill the skill, practice in combats using weapons available for you; combat experience score will be added in each case of an enemy damage.

Let’s have a look at how to get an opportunity to use more powerful edged weapon. It is obvious that characteristics of these items are to great extent determined by the material of which they are made. The character’s combat level determines weapon of what materials is available for you. So at the beginning you can use only bronze items. To use iron weapons you have to achieve 15 combat level. All combat level values and the corresponding materials are indicated in the table below.

When you reach a combat level required, the whole range of weapons from this material becomes available for you. But it is still not enough; you should also develop one of combat skills to the parameter corresponding to this material – only then you will be able to use these items in a combat.

To sum it up: to get the access to a weapon of certain material at first you should reach a certain combat level and then to develop one of combat skills to the level corresponding to the material.

The table shows the values of combat level and skills that correspond to different materials of edged weapon.

Weapon materialWeapon materialWeapon material
Bronze 1 1
Bronze with covering 7 5
Iron 15 10
Iron with covering 22 15
Black weapon (material is unknown) 25 15
Titanium 30 20
Titanium with covering 37 30
Froanit 45 40
Froanit with covering 53 50
Dianit 60 60
Dianit with covering 70 70

The above scheme is also valid for firearms. The only difference is that in this case each item is in line with the corresponding combat level and combat skill:

Weapon typeMinimal combat levelMinimal level of «Auto weapon» skill
Pistol 1 1
Laser pistol 15 10
Rifle 37 30

We have not mentioned here about two other ways of attack – punching and force attack. There are no limits and rules in order to develop punching; and, as you could notice, force attack does not require a separate combat skill as the level of force energy command and a caused damaged depend on parameters «Intelligence» and «Intuition».