Professional skills

When you only start the game your character is like a clean sheet. He is free of any experience and skills. So you can write on this sheet whatever you wish. Your character can become a warrior or craftsman, trader or prospector. Depending on your choice you should develop different skills. Having achieved top results you will get everything each player needs – independence, authority, you will feel yourself being in demand in the players’ society and find a constant profit source.

By the way…
Many things can not be bought in a shop, they can be only handmade. They are the most nutritious foodstuff, strongest armour and most powerful weapons. You can make some things yourself but really valuable things can be created only by consolidated efforts.

Specialization selection and skills development are realized in the game through the system of professional skills. 16 occupations are available for you, which you can combine in different ways creating your own unique class of the character (which is sometimes impossible in other role-playing games). 6 combat skills determine the level of different weapons command. Each occupation or combat skill has its corresponding parameter.