How does it work?

Professional skills reflect all the character’s life-accumulated experience. Their level determines which objects can you use and which actions perform, which resources can you obtain and with which weapons can you combat. The skills level determines what you can make with your own hands. In some cases skills determine the efficiency of your actions, for example, of ore extraction output.

To develop skills, perform actions corresponding to an occupation. So, to develop the skill of geology you should extract ore; to learn tailoring you should make threads and fabric as well as different clothing. While mastering some occupations you are also developing other parameters of the player. For example, ore extraction increases the character’s power, and scientific occupations (physics, biology) sharpen brains and accordingly increase the force energy level. You can also increase some skills level for a certain time by using modifiers (they are made with the help of «High Technology» skill).

A new level of professional skills is achieved not abruptly; first you should accumulate a certain amount of experience scores (for more details see the page «Character’s Parameters». The more complicated the work is, the quicker you get the required amount of experience scores.

It should be mentioned that making and using some objects are available only for paid players.