Choosing right profession

Below you will find some simple tips, which will help you to select the specialization and develop professional skills.

Do not try to develop all skills
You should not develop all professional skills in a row. First of all, it is impossible, secondly, it is much more advantageous to select two-three skills and develop them to a high level. However, when you start the game it makes sense to try different crafts. Only in this way you can understand what is to your liking.

What do you want to become?
Starting the game think it over what you want to become and how you see your character in the future. Choose a game role – warrior, craftsman, trader, etc. Only then it will be clear for you which occupations you are to develop. If to select an occupation spontaneously all the efforts for its development may be for nothing.

Income source for a beginner
It is very important for a beginner to have a permanent income. For this best of all is to select occupations connected with resources extraction – geology, metallurgy, cooking, fishing and herbalism. They do not require a high level. The resources obtained with their help – ores and metals, food, plants are always in demand among more experienced players.

How to speed up the skill development?
In order to increase a professional skill level you should get some amount of scores. You can get the highest scores by performing the actions that require the maximum level available for you. So always try to extract the most valuable (from available for you) ores, make the most complicated items and kill the biggest monsters!

Don’t you want to waste time for trifles?
If you are, for example, a warrior and willing to fight and not to waste time for cooking and making powerful weapons or as a professional blacksmith do not want to take care about extracting and smelting metal, then unite with other players or enter a clan. Divide the duties between each other in the way that one player cooks food, another guards the territory, the third one makes weapons and armour, the fourth one extracts ore. In this case your joint efficiency will notably increase, and you will be able to concentrate only on the development of your favourite skill.