How is it works?

When you do something in the game world (or undergo the external impact) it leads to the change of parameters of your character. Some of them – such as health or stamina – preserve the stock of energy which you can use or restore (thus, your health will be reduced if you undergo the attack of a monster; later on you can restore the level of this parameter by having rested or taken a medicine). So is the nature of the majority of the additional parameters.

Other parameters increase constantly and with deliberation accumulating the growing experience and skills of the character. This category includes professional skills and main parameters. Their growth can allow you to perform more complicated actions. The value of such parameters is called the level and the parameter change – switch to a new level. Thus after having read books in biology you increase the parameter level corresponding to this skill.

Switch to a new level is made not in one step; first you have to collect a certain amount of experience points by performing more simple work (points are calculated for each action performed in the game). The sample from the real life: if you want to learn joinery you have to read some books, to study by experienced joiner and to practice yourself. Only after this you can say that you have learned joinery. The same is in the game. In order to become skilled at tailoring first you should learn all the components of this handicraft – from thread and linen manufacturing to different clothes sewing.

How many points should you collect to increase the level of the parameter? It depends on the height you conquer. Lower levels (1-10) will cost you 100-300 experience points each. The closer to the top you come the more expensive will be your victory – thus, to switch from level 69 to level 70 you will need to collect at about 76.000 experience points.