Name by which other players will distinguish you. You can choose name only while creating a character.

Combat Level
In this parameter all the achievements of the character are collected together, that is why the combat level is the main indicator of your success in the game. Its value is calculated by the main parameters of the character – strength, dexterity, vitality, intelligence and intuition. The level of the weapons and armour you may use depends on the value of this parameter.

Depending on the combat level value each character is given the military rank (For more details see the page «Combat level and reputation»).

This parameter includes the name of the clan you have entered.

While attacking other players you get the Killer status and worsen your reputation. (For more details see the page «Combat level and reputation»).

Cash amount you have with you. In the game your cash looks like credit card in the window of property of the character. You can keep your cash on you or keep it in the bank.

This parameter is used for service purposes. You don’t need to keep it in mind.