Registration record, passport of the player. The name and the password of registration record are used for entering the game and the site. Personal data of the player, the contact information, parameters of characters and their current condition as well as history of payments are kept in it.

Any mistake or malfunction in work of the game.

Synonyms: GM
Manager of the game community. Game-masters do not participate in the game process though they can be in the game - they watch the execution of the game rules, punish infringers and help players to solve arising problems. From English Game Master (the master of game).

The player-soldier who has selected tactics of dexterity development in prejudice of the power; such players possess greater reaction and accuracy. In the legend about David and Goliath David is the strongly marked «dexter».

Player developing the character or attacking other players on the same territory he has thoroughly studied. The term has negative overtone. From English Camper (person having a rest).

Any delay in the game connected with work of the game client or the Internet-connection. Often typical jumps and misses arising from slow Internet-connection are called lags. From English Lag (delay).

Synonyms: drop, loot
Property remaining from the killed players or monsters. From English Loot (loot).

Program or script allowing to carry out sequence of actions in the game automatically. Macros are created and used by means of special macro programs. In the game AWplanet macros are forbidden.

Synonyms: monster, mob
The same as a monster or animal. From English Mobile (moving).

Synonyms: newb, noob, newbie
Beginner, not skilled player. This word is insulting and is forbidden to use in the game. From English newbie (beginner).

Style of the game assuming the maximal degree of playing in the selected role. The player who is engaged in after-game builds communication style, character development tactics, social position in the game on the basis of a role he has chosen – for example, the knight or the robber.

Synonyms: PK, the killer
Player having the reputation of the killer and often attacking other players. The term has negative oertone. From English Player Killer (the murderer of players).

Synonyms: strong
Player-solder who has chosen the tactics of power development in prejudice of the dexterity; such players are more powerful but clumsy. In the legend about David and Goliath Goliath is the strongly marked «stronger».

Any parameter of the character, for example "skill of geology ". From English Skill (skill).

Advertising messages placed in the basic stream of communication of the game and usually repeatedly duplicated. In game AWplanet spam is forbidden.

Situation, by which stream of communication in the game is littered with too bulky or constantly repeating messages. In the game AWplanet flood is forbidden.

Synonyms: char, user, member, avatar
Player, member of the game community. From English Character (character).

Synonyms: exp
Quantity of points of experience. From English Experience (experience).

Synonyms: Hit Points
Current level of health of your character. Also designates quantity of points of the damaged caused to the character. From English Hit Points (quantity of points of impact).

Abbreviation used for indication of the multiuser role games. From English expression Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (on-line role game with a lot of players).

Synonyms: Mana Points
In our game – level of force-energy of your character. In other games the term indicates a level of mana of the character. From English (quantity of mana points).

Service character operated by computer. In the game AWplanet sellers, bankers, robots-security guards etc. compose NPC. From English Non-Player Character (the character who is not operated by the player).