Game etiquette

Without exaggeration, the basis of game AWplanet is the extensive community of players. Though it is possible to play alone but it is much more interesting to get new friends, to be a member of a powerful clan, to be united in the company for solution of challenges! It is hardly any need to mention duels, fighting tournaments and the scale wars starting in game…

Will the community develop or die out depends on each player. Helping comrades, keeping politeness in dialogue, following the basic game rules you will strengthen your reputation and make a contribution to the development of the community.

Some recommendations given on this page are not a strict law, and their default will not entail punishment. However in the game there is a number of rules non-observance thereof threatens with punishments of a various severity – from interdiction on communication to blocking a registration record. Get acquainted with them on the page «Game rules», before to start the game..

Your name in the game

Pay attention to the choice of the name of your new character. The attitude of other players to you and your future reputation depends on it. Imagine that the name made up by you while translating into other language turns to be a curse or an insult or that a social position expressed by you in the name («yanki – swines!» or «LamerKiller») can lose its role with time or will not correspond to your tasks. Take into account that in further you will not have an opportunity to change the name of your character.

Therefore while creating the name adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Do not use in the name obscene words or insults
  • Do not use «hacker» style of the name writing (like «N00b» or «HaCkEr»)
  • Try not to abuse in the name the epithets having too bright superlative overtone (Super, Cool, Power, VIP etc.) – skilled players often regard it as low-standard advertising
  • Check up whether the sense of the name while translating into other languages varies or not
  • Try to choose that name that is easy to remember and write in order to facilitate the communication with other players
  • Check up whether there are players with the same or similar name

Communication with players

Actively communicating with other players you receive a lot of additional opportunities – you will accelerate the development of the character and get access to rare things, will accelerate «prorolling» of professional skills, will reach high reputation in the game.

On your skills of communication depends how other players will treat you. At the initial stage you will require the help of more skilled comrades and after having become the skilled player you will be interested that other players accept your party, and beginners enter the game with interest. The ideal style of communication is open, polite and friendly. Here are some recommendations which help you to find common language with other players:

  • Do not use obscene expressions and do not offend other players
  • Do not write message, using only capital letters (r example, «PEOPLE! HELP!!!»). It is perceived as shout and can be negatively apprehended.
  • Be open and friendly with other players. Communicate, ask questions, share experience, and you learn a lot of new!
  • Be polite. Thank for renders’ assistance.
  • Do not be too persevering and exacting. If you want your request to be executed try to instate other player’s favour.
  • Take easy the defeats in the game. Do not aspire to vent anger on other players.

Mutual aid

In the game AWplanet it is common practice to help each other, and such help is favourable both to beginners and skilled players. In fact beginners will reach a little without assistance, and skilled players are interested in development of the community (and accordingly in the development of the game). Listen to our recommendations:

  • Apply for the help to other players. Besides, it is a good way to get useful acquaintances!
  • Help other players. By that you strengthen your authority, and it is frequently worth more than money.
  • Unite with other players. The player cannot reach perfection at once in all skills, and people with different specializations can help each other a lot. Think of cooperation in trainings, manufacture of complex things or big trading operations.
  • Share with players unnecessary things. So, low-level armour having become unnecessary to you can be of greater service to the beginner. Avoid players abusing similar requests and give things only those whom they are really necessary.
  • Do not be unduly trustful to unfamiliar players. Remember that the malefactor can use your request for the help to cheat you.

Usage of macroprogramms

Usage of macroprograms that make simple operations instead of players (extraction and remelting of ores etc.) is forbidden by the game rules as it puts players in unequal position and transforms the game process in formal "competition of programs". The punishment for usage of macroprograms can be timely blocking of your registration record, and in some cases - removal of the registration record from the game server.

In the game there are two elements of protection against "macrosers". The first is an antimacros counter which value increases when you do something in the game. When it reaches 100 points there will appear an inscription you should type at once confirming that you do not use the program for "prorolling”.

The next method is the command "Depart". If you suspect that any player is a "macroser" and his actions are managed by the program, use this command in order to «grab him by the chest» – to move on some steps so that the programmed route gets off and macro becomes useless.

Status of killer

Status of killer

Attacking other player you receive the status of the murderer (Eng. Player Killer, or PK). Above the head of your character there will appear a yellow triangle. The more attacks (even unsuccessful) you make, the more red shade this triangle will get. So it is possible to distinguish the most blood-thirsty killers. Though no sanctions are applied to killers in the game, your reputation in the game community can worsen.

The label of the killer will disappear if you will undergo the attacks of other players or monsters. The more health you will lose at that the quicker you will restore your status

Read more details about game reputation in the section «Combat level and reputation».

I was offended! What should I do?

If you were offended by other player, do not give vent to feelings – write better quickly the official report to the support service. In the game it can be made by clicking with mouse on the character-offender and by chosing in the appeared menu the item «Send the official report».

Your complaint will be considered by one of the game-masters (managers of the community) in the period from one to two days.


The game-masters keep an eye on the observance of the game rules (in the game they can be recognized by the label «[GM]»). Though, naturally, they are not able to watch all the infringements. If you have undergone the insult or become the witness of illegal actions write the official report.

All similar official reports are considered by the game-masters who in case of necessity find out a picture of the incident and legitimacy of charge. If the fact of an infringement of rules will prove to be true, the player-infringer will be punished. The decision on the severity of punishment is made by the group of game-masters, at that the experience of the player, quantity of punishments in the past, severity of offence is taken into account. Kinds of punishments – silence in the game or blocking of the registration record for a certain term