Interaction with game characters

Player context menu
Player context menu

The main thing in the game of AWplanet is interaction with other players (communication, trade, combats). To see all the operations we can make click the right button of the mouse on the character.

To communicate just make up a sentence and press the button Enter. Your words will be seen to all players that are near. You can add your companions to the list of friends (for that right-click on the character and choose the point «Add a friend»). Now you can see who from them are in the game and can communicate with them in «private». For that click on the name of a player in the window of the friends (to open it press F5) and write a message. Note that for exchange of messages it is necessary that the other player has also added you to his list of friends.

Communicating with other players be polite and keep the communication rules (for more details see on the page «Game etiquette»).

By choosing the point «Trading», you will send a player an inquiry for trade. If he sends you back the same inquiry having confirmed his consent for the deal, the trade window will open up. Here you can exchange items, buy them or sell.


To fight with other players you should reach at least the tenth combat level, which corresponds to the title «Recruit». But and after it do not be in a hurry to start fighting – your chances for victory will be small until you do not reach at least the title of sergeant (levels 30-39) or lieutenant (levels 40-49). Besides, you will need good quality armors and powerful weapon. Note that you can attack the other players only when you are in one of combat zones. You will see that you are in one of such zones by a skull with bones, which will appear in the right low corner.

For now you can fight with monsters and kill animals. For that take a weapon in the hands (let’s say a bat) and left-click on a monster or an animal. If your blow was successful there will be a number above the enemy, which corresponds to the quantity of scores of the damage made. A strip over the enemy’s head is an indicator of his health.

In the game there are also service characters, performing functions of shop assistants, bankers and giving the tasks in quests. They are controlled by computer and not by a man and they are in the game all the time.

To use the service of the service characters right-click on them and choose the point «Talk». In the further dialogue choose the options you are interested in at the moment. Thus, on Island of Newcomers you can buy from a shop-assistant in the shop necessary equipment (a club and fishing net).