Personage movement
Personage movement

In the game you can move by land (on foot or at a run)and boat. Your character can not swim himself.

The players also can use the way of momentary displacement with the help of portals (unfortunately there are only few of them on the planet). Using the portals you can move between the settlements of Baratron and Setros. And if you buy a teleport, you can move from any point of the world to Baratron or Zeron.

In the game window you can see your character (he is in the center of the window) and a part of the landscape. By clicking on any point of the landscape you will send the character there. To switch between the mode of running and walking press the button Insert (for temporary switch to the running mode press and hold the button Shift).

To enter a room, click at any point inside. The character will find the door and enter himself. To go upstairs or downstairs, click the mouse on the staircase.

You can order the character to follow another player. For that right-click on the character and choose the option «Follow». To cancel click the mouse on the landscape.

With the help of the cursor buttons you can change the camera direction and its angle of inclination toward the landscape. For more details, read the page «Interface and control».