Parameters of the Character

Parameters of the Character
Parameters of the Character

In the game of Awplanet your character develops with you. As in other role-playing games a character has a set of parameters that correspond to different physical, intellectual and spiritual characteristics of a man. While making different operations in the game the values of the character’s parameters change. For more details you can read on the page «Parameters of the character», but meanwhile we will give you idea about the parameters that will play the most important role for your character.

The main indicator of your success in the game is combat level. Its value is made on the basis of the values of the other parameters of the player, that’s why the combat level shows the state of a character as a whole. Other parameters – strength, dexterity, stamina, intelligence, intuition – increase with time and determine the characteristics of separate aspects of the character.

During the game you are to pay attention very often to the following three parameters – health, force energy and fatigue. The vital activity of the character and ability to make different actions depend directly upon them. To turn on the display of these parameters in the game window, go to the game menu «Settings → Preferences».

Force energy determines the spiritual state of your character, his ability to control hidden psychical energies. With its help you can quickly restore health, increase defense and damage in a combat. What the force energy is spent for depends on the mode selected by you, which can be set with the help of the pulldown. To activate force energy, put a «tick» on the left of the indicator, which is in the right bottom corner of the window.

Improving that or this skill of your character you develop one of the professional skills in this way. These parameters show the level of the character’s command of these or those professions. There are 22 professional skills in the game, which give you the widest choice from geology to tailoring, from physics to high technologies!

Where to see the character’s parameters?
You can see the current values of the character’s parameters in the game by pressing F3. In the window emerged there is a tree of parameters and professional skills. Here is indicated the information about the character: his name, rank, combat level and clan. The paid players can see how much paid time they have left. You can also see the parameters of a character at the site, on the character's personal page.