Restoration of strength. Death in the game

Death of Character
Death of Character

Several parameters of the character depend on his current physical state. These are health, fatigue and force energy. The level of health drops if you have been damaged in a battle; the level of fatigue decreases during long physical activities уменьшается при длительных физических нагрузках, force energy is spent when using one of its modes.

Health of a character recovers itself but rather slowly – one point per minute. It is possible to speed up the health recovery by eating or using the mode of force energy «Regeneration».

You can restore the level of the player's fatigue by sleeping on a bed.

You can also restore the resource of force energy by sleeoing on a bed. You can also drink the juice of kigbango or hirgrim or drug arans and letnos. Force energy restores itself also though rather slowly.

If the player’s health level has reached zero, he dies. There is no limitations of deaths in our game but each time after death your character will lose all the items from the bag, one of pieces of clothes and part of the experience scores (for more details read the page «Restoration of strength. Death in the game»).

After resurrection you will find yourself in the settlement of Farmun (if you are a newcomer and your combat level is less than 10) or in Saintrox.