Game Basics


It is a mysterious and unexplored world living according to its own laws and full of great number of dangers. It is here, on one of the remote planets of our galaxy, you can find yourself after having launched the game AWplanet.

As in the real world you need to master some skills in order to adapt to the environment and enter the community of gamers. There are some skills a newcomer can not manage without, namely: the game character control, communications with the other gamers, carrying out the main operations. A beginner should also understand the principles of the game society – principles of mutual help, courtesy and justice.

In order to get the most essential information about the game we recommend you to read the whole Section Game Basics. The best would be if while reading you start the game to test the knowledge in practice.

But before we would like to tell you about some concepts forming the basis of the game. It is they that determine the appearance of Awplanet world.

Game Role-playing System

Parameters of the Character
Parameters of the Character

The Role-playing system of a character’s development is used in our game. When you are playing, learning different skills, achieving new goals, your game character is developing himself along with you. His life in the game is determined by a set of parameters that correspond to key living functions – strength, dexterity, health, intelligence, etc. – and to the character’s skills (for more details read the page « Parameters of the Character»).

Choosing which parameters to develop you can follow your own unique path in the game, and it depends only upon you whether you become a formidable and strong fighter, a secretive and dexterous spy or master the mysterious force energy.

As you can notice when you make the character it is not necessary to choose his class or specialization (for example, the famous trio «magician, warrior and thief »), as it is in many other games, such as Ultima Online or World of Warcraft. In our game the role-playing system of the character’s development is based not on classes but on a variety of skills (skill-based role-playing system). Each skill determines the level of your mastery in this or that profession. There are 22 skills in total in the game in the following categories:

  • Hunting and collecting
  • Trades
  • Skills of a spy and a thief
  • Technical skills
  • Scientific skills
  • Combat skills

Having selected as key one or several skills you can create your unique specialization to become a craftsman or warrior-prospector, mercenary or trader.

Community of players


Attractiveness of the game AWplanet is that here you interact, fight, compete not with computer characters but with real people. Your friend can be in another room or another part of the world, but at any case you will meet again and continue your interaction in the game.

If we come across a problem or need help, apply to some of more experienced players. Many members of the game community always help you and give a piece of advice.

If you are not willingly make new friends, you can play independently. But for more efficient solution of many tasks – combat workouts, battles, exploration of caves, making valuables – you should team up with other players. In time you can joint one of the game clans or create your own one.

The world of AWplanet

Strange objects AWplanet world
Strange objects
AWplanet world

Forget about megapolises, computers, highways, telephones and other benefits of civilization. The world of AWplanet has originated from desperate resistance of colonists to the unexplored dangerous and wild nature of the planet LB-117. When they happened to be on backyards of the Universe, they were forced to build their world from nothing.

Here are intertwined modern technologist of the space exploration age, primitive handicrafts and mysterious artefacts of an ancient civilization. Do not be surprised to see tommy-guns, blasters and swords in one combat.

The social order of the game AWplanet is closest to Wild West, and if you can not depend upon your sword or blaster it is better to avoid dark parts of the planet. A good option is to enter one of the powerful clans. Nevertheless, as in Wild West, in extreme conditions of the planet such things as fellowship, solidarity, justice and honor are brought to the forefront.