Control of the character

Перемещение персонажа
Перемещение персонажа

In the game you can move by land (on foot or at a run) and boat. You can neither swim nor move by different means of transport. For paid players there are available the momentary displacement option with the help of special facilities – teleports.

In the game window you can see your character (he is in the center of the window) and a part of the landscape. By clicking on any point of the landscape you will send the character there. To switch between the mode of running and walking press the button Insert (for temporary switch to the running mode press and hold the button Shift).

Moving your character always chooses the shortest way (which is not always optimal). So if you want to indicate the way more exactly select short distances.

To enter a room, click at any point inside. The character will find the door and enter himself. To go upstairs to the second floor or downstairs to caves, click the mouse on the staircase.

Camera control
The view from a third person is applied in the game. You can control the virtual camera to select the most convenient way of display.

You can change the camera direction with the help of the «←» and «→». To change its angle of inclination toward the landscape, press the buttonsи «↑» and «↓».

As in majority of operational systems you can call in a contextual menu in the game. For that you need to right-click on a character, item or equipment. The points of the menu appeared show what you can do with this object.

Operations with game characters


Trading Selecting this point you will send an inquiry for trading to a player. If he sends you the same inquiry confirming his consent for a deal, the trading window opens. Here you can exchange items, buy them or sell.
Add a friend/Remove a friend dd to the list of friends (F5) your companions and partners. Now you will know if they are in the game and can communicate with them irrespective of distances.
Follow You can select this point to follow automatically a player or a service character.
Talk ВBy selecting the point «Talk» for another player you will send him a personal message. When you talk with a service character – merchant or banker – you can use his services.
Attack You can attack another player, a monster or animal. During the attack you and your enemy should be in one of the combat zones. To fight with other players you should reach at least the tenth level of combat command. During the attack you will use the weapon you have in the hands.
Depart It is a part of antimacrossystem. If you suspect that a player is a «macroser», use the command Depart to move him for several steps. With it the route programmed will be put out and macros will become useless.
Report If you have been insulted by another player, write a report to the support service. Your complain will be considered by one of the game masters within one to two days.
Admit to the clan/Remove from the clan This point is available to the head of a clan.
Information ВIn the window appeared you will see the information about the game character.

Operations with items

Operations with items


Take/Throw away By taking an item you will add it to your list of property. To see an item taken open the window of property (F4).
An item thrown away will be underfoot.
Use/Eat/Drink/Put on/Read Selecting this point you use an item, equipment or resource.
Use with… With the help of this operation one item can be used together with – let’s say to fry a chicken drumstick with the help of microwave oven. For that select the point «Use with…» and click on the item or equipment you want to use the item together with.
Information In the window appeared you will see the information about the character, item or equipment.

Default actions

If you left-click on an object the default action will take place. It depends on the category of an object:

Monster or animal Attack
Service character Talk
Item Take an item
Equipment or resource Equipment or resource