Status displays

Several indicators show you the most important parameters of the character and also informs you about different events in the game.

Character status
Character status

Displays of the character’s status
Four strips indicate the level of the most dynamic parameters of the character – health, force-energy, fatigue and antimacros counter. To display them go to the menu «Settings → Preferences». Each parameter is indicated in its own color: health is in red; force energy is in blue; stamina is in yellow; and the value of the antimacros counter is in white.

Names of the players – F7
Display of the names of the other players and level of your health

If you have started a combat, there will be the health strips above you and your enemy. When a player is damaged there appear figures indicating the damage scores.

Combat zones
This indicator appears if the player enters one of the combat zones (where combats between the players are permitted). The color of the indicator – red or black - shows the color of the zone.

Frames per second (FPS) – F9
It is used to estimate the efficiency of graphics equipment. For more details read on the page what to do if the game is «slow».