Window of property

Inventory window
Inventory window

By means of this window you can operate the property and equip the character with clothes, armour and weapon.

In the bottom part of the window of property there are cells with your subjects. In total you have 24 cells but you can place more subjects in them. The matter is that in one cell there can be placed several small-sized subjects. The quantity of things you can take away is limited by their weight. Current weight of all subjects and your maximal carrying capacity are also displayed in the window.

You can lighten your burden having placed a part of your subjects in a bank. Here you can receive the certificate on any subject. Having transferred such certificate to another player you will pass him by that the corresponding subject into possession. While trading in bigger lots it is much more convenient to use such certificates instead of real subjects. Certificates are issued only on the main kinds of resources - ores, ingots of metals, provisions etc.

Except for the item itself in each cell the following data are displayed:

  • Quantity of items in the cell (left bottom corner)
  • Resource of the item (left upper corner)

Often during game it is necessary to use quickly any item – e.g., the first-aid set or a teleport. To make items appear by means of the keyboard move them to the upper row of cells. Combinations of keys from Alt-1 up to Alt-6 are equivalent to these cells.

In the upper part of the window of property there are represented silhouettes of the player as well as some cells corresponding to various fragments of equipment. Here are these cells:

Clothes and armour Head, torso, legs, shoes, raincoat
Belt Three cells for rapid access to subjects (from Alt-7 to Alt-9)
Items in hands

Two pairs of cells for the basic and auxiliary tools. To replace the basic and auxiliary tools press button "Exchange " or key F8.

Tools or weapon located in these cells will be used by default for extraction of resources or attack.

To place items in one of these cells drag them with mouse (to put armour on or to take the weapon you can simply click on a corresponding item with the left button of the mouse). Clothes, armour, tool or weapon will at once become visible on your character.

For facilitation of the game set the basic and auxiliary tools. So, while extracting ore in the combat zone make a pick the basic tool, and a sword and a board –auxiliary ones. If you undergo the attack of the monster press F8 without losing time and you can repulse the attack at once.