Six steps to security

Here we offer a brief guidance to extend the security. Completing the advised actions you’ll preserve from the most attempts of hacking or theft.

  • Install an antivirus program and update it regularly.
  • Install a firewall-program which would disable the access to your computer from internet. For the game you should open of the following ports: 443 or 43594.
  • Enable the IP-address protection. After you install it, the game-access will be possible only from your IP-address and a malefactor, having your login and password won’t enter the game. .
  • Set a complicated password that will be difficult to fit and change from time to time.
  • Set a password on personage bank accout.
  • Set several e-mail addresses on the site. Afterwards, if you forget access-data to the e-mail box or it would be hacked, you can change the password using another e-mail box.
  • Download and install the updates of your operating system regularly.

You should also keep the following recommendations:

  • Never give the login or password of your account or e-mail-box to anyone. Do not inform of this data persons who present themselves as officials of support service.
  • Being in a public place, always disable an access to your computer and always «logout» on the site if you are off.
  • Check for the presence of viruses all programs loaded from internet.