Signs of hacking

If your account has been stolen it is extremely important to react with all possible quickness. But how to define whether you have been or being hacked? There is a number of signs pointing at this:

  • You can not enter the game or site under your login and password. At first check the spelling of typing – whether the Caps Lock-key isn’t pressed and whether the keyboard layout switcher is in right position. If you still can not enter it is quite possible that your account has been hacked.
  • Entering the game you receive the message “User already in game”
  • Some items or money have disappeared and your game-mates tell you about the actions you didn’t perform
  • During the antivirus-checking you discovered a trojan-program, virus or spy-program
  • The computer functioning abruptly became more unstable  – it began to lag, reload and generate incomprehensible messages
  • Internet-users or provider accuse you in spam-distribution (that you actually didn’t send out)
  • You have received a letter which informs of the attempt of entering under your account from another IP-address.

If you have detected one or several similar signs – change the password and contact the support service without delay.