Key facts

AWplanet is an Online Multiplayer Science Fiction game. The scene is set on a distant planet far from our own galaxy where modern technology and medieval ways are interwoven. You will be able to create your own unique character and develop it in your own unique way. How your character develops and advances through the game all depends on you!

The game world was created based on a battle science fiction canons. The game is full of things to discover and to develop your skills. Only once you have developed your strength, intelligence and professional skills, will you be able to fight powerful monsters and reveal the mysteries of the ancient civilization that once inhabited the planet.

AWplanet is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). When you first enter the game, you will meet hundreds of other players just like yourself, who came here to entertain themselves, to chat and make new friends, increase their skills or to duel other players. After two years of game development there are now many experienced players and many new players, so you should find it fairly easy to make friends and group with people to help you complete challenging quests and fulfill personal goals.

Additionally, AWplanet is free and accessible to everyone! You don’t need a powerful computer and high Internet speed to play the game. The game is free of charge, but you may also become a paid member and get extra advantages such as more weapons, armors and access to paid member only areas.


10 facts about AWplanet

Small software size and low system requirements
You can start playing the game after only a few minutes of downloading the client, on almost any device (including PDA and mobile phones)

Doesn’t require a fast Internet connection
Your computer and the server are constantly exchanging data to synchronize you client with the AWplanet world, but thanks to our data compression system you will be able to play AWplanet with slow internet connection and low traffic.

A giant, mystifying world to explore
Islands, continents, settlements, dark underground passages and unexplored areas will be at your disposal in the world of AWplanet. It is a really large world full of exciting places to discover!

Fighting System
There is nothing better than hand-to-hand combat with a friend or a sworn enemy. There are all opportunities for realization of your fighting instincts. There is also a wide variety of weapons and armors and each has unique attributes along with a choice of fighting styles. Player VS player battles are allowed only in special zones, but if you are a civilian, no other players can attack you.

AWplanet NPC's
Besides yourself and other players the world of AWplanet is populated with both harmless and dangerous inhabitants. From robot-guards to human shoppers, bankers and other NPC’s (Non Player Characters) that will help you to develop and master the game.

Complex system of character parameters
With such a wide range of available attributes for your character such as physical, intellectual, social and professional characteristics, you are able to create a completely unique character.

Friendly and supportive community
When playing the game, you will easily find someone who is able to help you with tasks or find other players interested in the same things as you, so you are able to complete tasks together.

Character creation and improvement system
When you first create your character you will be able to choose a unique appearance for him/her. Then later in the development of your character you will be able to acquire clothes, armor and weapons to further change your character's appearance.

Full 3D graphics
Thanks to 3D graphics we are able to decrease the size of the client software because it's much smaller in file size than using pixel images and the animations are a lot smoother. Furthermore, this means the world of AWplanet is a lot more pleasant to look at because of the rich detail on the landscapes, buildings, bridges, roads, fields, trees, flowers, rivers and seas. All this helps to make your game play experience greatly improved.

Realistic items system
The world of AWplanet is now even more realistic because of the detailed items system. You can pickup everything and drop everything, you can get information on every item you find, and you are able to use items such as plants and fish in different ways. For example, harvest some grain using a sickle, grind it into flour and mix it with water to create some dough. Next get some chicken meat and put it in the oven together with the dough, which will create a kebab that you can eat to regain health. This is a simple process, but once you achieve higher levels you will be able to use other technologies and create more superior items.