Game Rules

1. Terms of Use

By launching the game client you agree following terms of use:

· All information published in the game, on the website, and all information published by developers is a property of AWgroup company

· All information related to your account is also a property of AWgroup company

· We guarantee that any information received from you won't be transferred to third parties

· We don't account for possible fails in operation of the game client and damages caused by this fails

· We don't account for security of your account name and password. Players must take measures to protect security of their accounts themselves

We have right to change this terms at any time at our discretion

2. All AWplanet players must follow this rules.

2.1. Names of the characters

When creating a new character the player must select his own name, by which he will be known in the game. After completely creating your character you cannot change your name. Its forbidden to choose the names having following principles:

2.1.1. Containing negative racial sense

2.1.2. Motives of cruelty, violence and sex

2.1.3. Relating aspects of sexual orientation, Concerning both player himself or other players

2.1.4. Containing rough and obscene expressions

2.1.5. Offending or discrediting other players, moderators, developers

2.1.6. Negatively responding about different religions or persons who are well known in different religions

2.1.7. Imitating names of moderators, developers or known players

2.1.8. Containing any kind of illegal drugs or actions

2.1.9. Containing advertising messages

2.1.10. Containing names of known trade marks

2.1.11. Containing the random collections of the symbols

2.2. Communication

Communication is integral part of the game process. Players are obligated to avoid words and the expressions having following features:

2.2.1. Containing negative racial sense

2.2.2. Motives of cruelty, violence and sex

2.2.3. Including any words of the violence which are not concerning to the game world, or any information or details of a players, moderators or developers private life.

2.2.4. Describing aspects of sexual orientation, concerning both player himself or other players

2.2.5. Containing rough and obscene expressions

2.2.6. Offending or discrediting other players, moderators, developers

2.2.7. Negatively responding about different religions or persons who are well known in different religions

2.2.8. Containing any kind of illegal drugs or actions

2.2.9. Spamming, repeating duplicated messages or symbols over and over again. The spam is recurrence of one phrase six or more times within a minute.

2.2.10. Advertising of the services, companies, and websites not concerning to the game world

2.2.11. Inciting to violate any of the game laws

2.2.12. Containing any threats of violence or physical violence

2.3. Cooperation with the moderators

Moderators are players who are responsible to help other players solve their problems and to follow the fulfillment of the laws. Players are forbidden to make following actions during the communication with moderators:

2.3.1. Giving false information to the moderators

2.3.2. Ignoring a moderators instructions

2.3.3. Insulting the moderators in general chat and use obscene expressions

2.3.4. Blackmail or threatening any of the moderators

2.3.5. Attempt to bribe the moderators

2.3.6. Attempt to force the moderators to give out any kind of information or exceed commission

2.3.7. Over-react and being pushy to the moderators (repeat inquiries, repeat sending of appeals)

2.3.8. You are not allowed to impersonate for being a moderator

2.3.9. Player must answer moderator's questions in time. Silence will be understood as AFK (away from keyboard) or using of macros and such player will be punished.

2.4. Scamming

The word "scamming" means that you obtain game items or other property (characters or the character e-mail, ingame or real money) by tricking them with false information, theft or by taking advantage of basic trust. In the game following actions and scamming methods are forbidden:

2.4.1. Scamming and misleading the player while purchasing or selling any stuff or services

2.4.2. Blackmail and force people to accomplish the commercial deal

2.4.3. Attempt to steal players character or the characters e-mail

2.4.4. Asking for any personal details such as names, telephone numbers, home address or card codes from another player

2.4.5. Use of any harmful or spying programs (trojan programs, keyloggers, viruses) to obtain personal data from players or causing them any damage

2.5. Bug exploitation and client/server manipulation

The developers are working hard to eliminate mistakes and bugs in the game. At the same time the criminals can use bugs or unidentified software mistakes to make illegal actions and to damage other players. All the following actions are forbidden:

2.5.1. Using any mistake or a bug in the game. Players should inform any found mistakes or bugs to the moderators

2.5.2. Using features of the game mechanics in selfish ends, including training the character without having any participation of the player), creating "bots", or use of macros

2.5.3. Use and distribution of the third party software for use with the game or substitution of the game traffic

2.5.4. Manipulation, decoding or any analysis of the dataflow between the client and the server

2.5.5. Hacking of the official game websites and abuse of the bugs in their software

2.5.6. Attacking the game server or the website based on features of the internet communications (for example, DOS-attacks)

2.6. Accounts

All information on your character is stored on your account. These are the rules you must obey when creating and using accounts.

2.6.1. Players can create a unlimited quantity of characters

2.6.2. Players are not allowed to use several characters belonging to them at the same time

2.6.3. Players are forbidden to use characters as an object of trade. It is also forbidden to transfer characters into the temporary or permanent use of another player

2.7. Trade

Here are the fundamental rules which regulate commercial operations in the game:

2.7.1. In the game it is permitted to trade only ingame objects or services connected with the game.

2.7.2. Players are forbidden to sell or exchange real things.

2.8. Moderators responsibility

Moderators are players who are responsible to help other players solve their problems and to follow the fulfillment of the laws. Their responsibility is regulated by a number of the rules, which forbid the following actions:

2.8.1. Extortion and obtaining bribes in the form of credits or real money, game items or real items, or some benefits

2.8.2. Divulging official information, personal data of players, official correspondence, etc.

2.8.3. Spying, collection and transmission of offical information to the third person

2.8.4. Directing abuse at the authorities

2.8.5. Carelessness, confulfillment or the irrelevent performance of their responsiblites as a result of careless attitude to work.