You won’t feel lonely in AWplanet; on the contrary you will have to interact with various characters. Some of them are the same players as you, other – the service characters (NPCs), whose actions are controlled by computer. Let us examine all the categories of characters.



Most characters you will meet belong to the players, the same as well as you. This very characters form the AWplanet community. Here you can make an acquaintance with players from Ukraine, Estonia, China or Russia, some of them just have started the game and other – have been playing for several years…

To take off possible questions, let us define the difference between the terms “player” and “character”. Player is a person who plays the AWplanet. He or she may create one or several characters; each of them is a virtual personality gradually developing its skills. Therefore in this documentation we apply the term “character” concerning parameters or professional skills, and apply the term “player” concerning game interaction.

Each character has its own set of parameters, which determines its status, combat strength, professional skills, etc. But information about the rank of other character is available to you only (a new rank is given each time when the combat level increases on ten points – to learn about it read the passage the «Combat level and reputation»).

You are free to perform various kinds of co-operations with other players, such as communication, trade, battles. You may enter one of the game-clans or create your own clan. The full list of possible interactions is given in the passage «Interface and controls».

Though the battles between players are permitted, they aren’t welcomed: attacking a player you gain status of killer (PK) and your reputation decreases.

Service characters (NPCs)

Service characters (NPCs)
Service characters (NPCs)

Except the players, a great number of different service characters inhabit the AWplanet world – merchants, bankers, representatives of authority, farmers, all of them would help you to feel at home in AWplanet. They are controlled by computer, not by a person and never leave the game. To use their services, click on them with mouse right button and select the menu-item “Talk to” and in the further dialog choose the options that are of interest to you at the moment. Thus, speaking to a banker you’ll get an access to your personal slot and speaking to a merchant you’ll open a trade-window.

Some NPCs need your help, carrying out their task you may get some reward (more detailed information is given in the passage «Quests»).

Monsters and creatures

The AWplanet world is inhabited by different kinds of creatures. Some of them would never attack you, but other are aggressive and eager to kill any player. Here you can meet:

  • The most real aliens, representatives of zartul-race, who have been inhabiting this planet at all times
  • Local creatures unknown to earth dwellers
  • Earth animals, which were brought by colonists and assimilated in new habitat
  • Criminals, who have eluded the earth laws and found asylum in this secluded corner of galaxy
  • Mysterious Black warriors, whose origin is unknown
  • War droids, which disobeyed and now oppose the players.

You can meet monsters in different areas, but many of them live in their favorite habitats. Thus, smugglers settled in docks of cosmoport and zartuls live in their small village. Rats and scorpions occur in dungeons and flying stropterix-pangolins occur in rocky areas. Many monsters attack you if you get around them close enough. Animals as usual are not aggressive, but some of them (e.g. deer) may attack you in response.

You can attack monsters and animals without any harm to your reputation. As a reward you may get various trophies – e.g. modifier-components and electronic devices, clothes, meat, skins, etc.






You can attack monsters and animals without any harm to your reputation. As a reward you may get various trophies – e.g. modifier-components and electronic devices, clothes, meat, skins, etc.