To make the AWplanet world really plausible we elaborated a detailed scheme of working with items. There are several hundred types of items in the game and they can be used in the most different ways. Some items are materials that are used for production of the more complex things, other – allow to modify character-parameters, another, such as armour and weapons, extend its combat strength. Besides, in the semi-feudal AWplanet world items as well as gold serve as symbol of prosperity and are used in barter trade.

Item categories

Here is the description of items you’ll have to deal with in the game:

Category ExamplesDescription
Resources and materials Ores, crystals, meat, wheat You can obtain the most different natural resources. They may be sold or used in production of more complex items.
Tools and equipment Pick, fishing net, blacksmith’s press Tools are used to boot the resources, to treat and output the items. The stationary equipment (blast-furnaces, blacksmith’s forges) is used to manufacture the things.
Weapons and armour Helmet, greaves, shield, sword, gun These items extend the defence and fighting damage.
Clothes Cloak, boots, shirt Allows changing the appearance of character.
Food Bread, kebab, cheburek Restore the character’s health
Money   Are used in trade. Monetary unit – credits.
Items changing character-parameters Modifiers, drinks, healing potions Allow to change character-parameters temporarily or restore the health-level, vitality, force-energy.
Other items Teleports, books, cups, plates, ammunition There are also a great number of different items.

Cooperation with items

Which items you may use?
An intense practice is a key to your character-development. That who works more would improve his parameters and professional skills sooner! Restrictions on usage of tools and manufacture of various items are also connected with this. At the beginning you may use simple tools only and to produce (or obtain) the items (or resources) of a least value. But with the development of professional skills this situation will change: you’ll be able to use tools of high-performance and to manufacture costly things.

Moreover, complex electronic devices (e.g. teleport) and science intensive professional skills (e.g. physics, chemistry, biology) require sufficiently high level of intellect. To learn more about all these restrictions read the passage «Professional skills» or look at the item-information in the game.

Mind that some items and skills are available to members only. To learn more read the passage «Payment».

You may examine properties of any item by clicking on it with mouse right button and selecting the «Information» option in a brought up menu. There you may learn the following information:

  • skills and parameters required to use an item
  • modes of item usage
  • an effect from wearing and usage
  • weight
  • cost
The cost stated there is equal to the purchasing price in stores. The real market-value when trading with other players may result quite different.
Your inventory
Your inventory

Your inventory
To take an item click on it with mouse left button and it will appear in your inventory-list. You can view this list by pressing the key F4. The amount of items you can carry is determined by the bulk of bag (24 slots) and your carrying capacity. At that, some small items (e.g. sticks or feathers) can be placed into the same slot.

To dress your character drag an armour or clothes to the slots corresponding to the parts of body or just click on them with mouse left button.

To use an item click on it with mouse right button and select the «Use» option in a brought up menu. To use an item together with another item or equipment (e.g. to roast shrimps in microwave oven) select option «Use with…» and click on another item or equipment.

To use tools (e.g. pick, axe, sickle, fishing net) at first you’ll have to take them in hands, for that, drag them to the slot corresponding to the character’s hands in the window of inventory. Then click on the resource you want to work out. E.g. after taking a pick in hands, click on the tin-deposit.

Item-resource restoration
It is impossible to restore the resource of the most spent things. That’s why the only thing you can do about them is to give to the beginners or throw away. But this doesn’t refer to the cold steel (swords, daggers), automatic weapons and some electronic devices.

Players possessing the high level of «Creation and treatment of items» skill can sharpen cold steels by means of diamond covering, which would not only restore weapon durability but also increase it on 10% (the damage caused would increase too). This operation is to be performed once only. Mind that to use a covered weapon you’ll have to possess a higher combat level, to learn more read the passage «Combat level and reputation».

The resource of automatic weapon may be restored by loading of new ammunition. And some electronic devices (e.g. teleport) may be charged with the help of battery.